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Sleep Apnea Treatment In Toronto, Ontario

Battle Snoring with Sleep Apnea Treatment In Toronto

A good night’s sleep is necessary for you to maintain a strong immune system and have the energy to carry out the demands of the day. Without sleep, you can quickly become rundown and tired, even risking your overall health. Sleep apnea is also correlated with sudden cardiac death.

Patient seeing Dr. Reyes getting a consultation for TMJ at North Shores Dental in Toronto, ON.If you suffer from sleep apnea, promptly contact North Shores Dental for a full evaluation. Our general dentists, Drs. Reyes and Pham are committed to helping Toronto sleep better!

Oral Appliances

Are you CPAP intolerant? Dr. Reyes and associates can help you manage your sleep disorder through the use of an oral appliance. Oral appliances are non-invasive, helping make sleep more comfortable and preventing the need for bulky CPAP equipment. Benefits can include more restful sleep, increased energy, lowered blood pressure and more!

Night Guards

Are you grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep? When you grind your teeth, your teeth lose their protective enamel. Once enamel is gone, it can lead to more serious oral damage like cavities and fractures.

A night guard is a mouthguard that fits over your teeth to cushion them. This way, your teeth wear down the night guard, rather than their enamel. Night guards can also give your jaw the rest it needs while you sleep. Our Toronto dental team will ensure your custom-made night guard fits comfortably during your visit so you can get the best results and protect your teeth while you sleep.

TMJ Disorder

Image of the office area at North Shores Dental in Toronto, ON.

If you are suffering from frequent headaches or jaw aches, you could have Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ or TMD). If you are suffering from these symptoms and are concerned you may have TMJ, your dentist will schedule a complete evaluation of your jaw and mouth to determine the best treatment option for you.

Schedule Your Consultation With North Shores Dental Today!

Sleep is vital to your health and quality of life, so if you’re concerned you or your partner suffers from sleep apnea, give our Toronto dental practice a call. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have about sleep apnea or any of the other services we offer. Life with better sleep is possible!

A consultation with Dr. Reyes or Dr. Pham is the perfect way to answer all of your questions and determine if an oral appliance or mouth guard could be the best solution for your health and wellness!

Our dental team will take the time to do an exam and discuss your oral health concerns with you before starting treatment, including oral surgery options.

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